The founder

Annette Müller

The Founder Annette Müller

Annette Müller has realized a remarkable vision with Healers Beyond Boundaries and is a very inspiring founder. Her commitment to healing people and training healers is tireless and her impact on the community is palpable. Her focus is on spreading the word about Spiritual Healing as an effective way to restore and maintain health.

Healers Beyond Boundaries is an international campus for healing, growth and commitment to the well-being of others. With Annette Müller’s extensive knowledge and passion, hundreds of people have already experienced healing. The visionary’s work has already received attention in various media, including Fliege Magazine, BIO Magazine, Visionen, TZ, OVB, Gesundheitsmagazin, Aura Magazine, Happinez, Tina, Bella and the Süddeutsche Zeitung as well as MDR, Schweizer Gesundheitsfernsehen, Fliege TV, TV Bayern live and many more.

Annette Müller’s vision is based on the hygiene theory of Ignaz Semmelweis, who propagated hand washing 150 years ago. For Annette Müller this is an example of the possibility that scientific knowledge can be wrong and that it is important to work on visions. She believes that energetic healing will be as normal as hand washing in the future. Successful implementation of her vision could improve the health of millions of people and ease the burden on the environment by reducing the need for the administration of chemical agents that end up in wastewater through excretion. It could also help relieve pressure on overburdened healthcare systems worldwide. For Annette Müller, health is the highest value, and she emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility and the importance of cooperation between conventional and alternative medicine. For her achievements in this regard, she was awarded the Mind Change Award in 2019.

Annette Müller’s work is also closely linked to the SAN ESPRIT Center and the ECOLE SAN ESPRIT Healing School, which she directs. After a serious car accident and an unsuccessful search for healing options, she turned to spiritual healing and experienced a significant improvement in her health as well as her calling as a healer.

Until the lockdown, the SAN ESPRIT Center was the first inpatient specialized clinic for spiritual healing in Germany. Attached to it was the renowned healer school ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT. The healer days in the park of the property under the slogan „DO-UT-DES, I give, so that you give“ offered until 2020 a platform for alternative lifestyle and ways out. The power of divine grace and its effectiveness through man are of great importance to Müller, and she does everything she can to spread this message. Today, the healer school ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT is located in Großbergham, in Chiemgau at the beautiful Griesssee.

Here you can learn more about the healer school

Healer Beyond Borders is Annette Müller’s heart project.


Annette Mueller is increasing worldwide awareness of humanities inherent powers Entrepreneur, healer, trainer, writer, speaker, publicist, film-maker, event-producer.

Founder of the first in-patient clinic for spiritual healing in Germany and the associated international healing school ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT.

Annette Müller speaks 8 languages including German, English, French and Spanish


Trademarked healing modalities:
KAR – Karmic Atlas Release

English Books: San Esprit Verlag
Blazing Trails Of Miracles
amazinGRACE – Miraculous Healing Alchemy

DO ut DES – Healing Days in Chiemgau“ 2008 to 2019

Documentaries – Associate Producer, Co Producer, Producer, Director:
„Healers Beyond Boundaries“
„HU-MAN healing Journey to becoming Human“

2019 MIND CHANGE AWARD for Building Bridges between School and Alternative Healing
2022 Elected as Juror of the „NON VIOLENT FILM FESTIVAL“.