Mexico 2022

Founder of the amazinGRACE Healing technique, Annette Mueller from Germany, traveled to India in 2018 and in 2020. She came with a large group of healers, all trained by her, to offer free healing to the needy. Many healing miracles took place.
In January 2022, due to travel restrictions, a small but strong group of 15 healers, traveled to Mexico, to offer free healing sessions. Truly stunning and marvellous healings happened. Watch this brief documentary of the day, the healers visited the house of amputated migrants, in Celaya in Mexico.

By offering healing to many, and watching the Healers Beyond Boundaries in action, healing with the powers of their mind, Annettes mission is to strike a tone inside of every human being, kindling the feeling of a deeper truth, quest and purpose.


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