India 2020

In January 2018 Healers Beyond Boundaries lunched their first Camp in Pondicherry India. 33 international healers travelled to the South-Indian city to offer free energetic healing to a vast number of people. More than 200 people received help. The response was great. This led to the second Healers Beyond Boundaries initiativ. In January 2020 more healers joined this groundbreaking event.

45 international healers arrived in Pondicherry to experience the adventure of their live. Over the course of 5 days they offered over 400 sessions to 250 people seeking help. The results where astonishing and everyone was successful. The healers where in bliss to have been able to achieve enormous results and the healed shed tears, because they wanted them to stay and not leave. So plans where to return one year later for the 3rd time and to travel to Sri Lanka to hold a camp there for the first time.

Please see our trailer to the film we made about HEALERS BEYOND BOUNDARIES 2020:

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