Healing Camp in India 2018

It’s hard to be a believer of miracles if you’ve never seen them, but in January of 2018, even though the year had only just begun, Annette Müller and her team of amazinGRACE® healers touched down in India, and they brought miracles with them.

Healers Beyond Boundaries India 2018 is what brought the healers and their 300 recipients to Pondicherry shortly after the new year, an conceived and carried through to fruition by Annette Müller, founder of amazinGRACE® energy healing, and ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, the instituion where the method is taught.

Annette Müller led the charge in collecting the healers, coordinating with Prabhat Poddar, a scholar and Vastu Architect in India, in scouting the location for the healing to take place and seeing to it that accommodations were available for the healers. The outcome was an incredible trip to India that not only changed hundreds of lives of those receiving the healing, but also changed the lives of every single one of the volunteers, who offered their time and hands during the ten-day healing camp in Pondicherry, India.

Annette Müller and SAN ESPRIT® have international students from all across North America and Europe, Panama, South Africa, and India. When one of her students native to India originally suggested the healing camp, Müller immediately fell in love with the idea and ran forward at full speed to see it through. As soon as Müller brought up a pro bono healing camp to those in need of treatment but unable to afford it, many healers expressed their interest in participating. 53 amazinGRACE® healers showed initial interest and 33 attended, some of which were new healing students and some who have been practicing energy healing for as long as 10 years. amazinGRACE® healers from across Germany as well as from Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and the USA, were signed up and ready to bring their healing in a large-scale way, the likes of which India had never seen before.

This may have been the first time Müller, ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT and amazinGRACE® combined to create an event with this capacity of global impact but it will not be the last.

The success of the camp can truly speak for itself. On the very first day that healing was offered to the community hundreds of people filled the streets and the Auditorium in which the camp was taking place. All time slots for all days had been booked within a few hours – even the waiting list was completely full – and we, regretfully, had to turn hundreds of people away.

As the first ever Healers Beyond Boundaries healing camp in Pondicherry, India came to a close over 300 people had received amazinGRACE sessions and over 300 study maps, evaluating the results for the medical study, had been filled out and sent back to Germany for evaluation.