Founder Annette Müller

Annette Müller is the founder of the amazinGRACE® healing method, which she practices and also teaches. The two-year comprehensive training is offered primarily at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, a school she founded in 2006 in the south of Germany. Since 2008 the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT in Bavaria is also a well-established treatment clinic where clients receive energy healing. As the success of her method became world renowned, Müller developed a compact two-week training course that is offered internationally.

Annette Müller is an advocate for energy healing but does not discard western medicine and its importance in our lives. Müller strives toward a harmonious working relationship where western medicine and energy healing can coexist and compliment one another, giving the world more options for health and healing instead of limiting the vast range in which people can find comfort and health.

Müller truly believes in this future of energy healing and western medicine working together. To illustrate this, she frequently uses the example of hand washing, a daily routine for almost all. The health benefits of hand washing are widely known – now – but not that long ago many people suffered and died of illnesses that could have been prevented. Even doctors did not promote hand washing as the valuable practice we know it to be today, because the existence of germs had not yet been proven. However, since we know how important it is to wash our hands, why would we ever go back to the days without doing so? Well, Annette Müller believes the same for alternative energy healing methods, once the world becomes aware of its possibilities; it will feel natural, as though we have always been receiving this kind of supplemental treatment.

Annette Müller has witnessed the success of amazinGRACE® in her own community and will continue to teach and heal in as many ways as she can, in order to reach as many people as possible, while bringing the possibility for miracles with her wherever she goes.

Annette Müller


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